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Social Media Marketing for Multiple Prime Dealerships


Brands take their marketing seriously. However, when it comes to dealerships representing those brands, marketing is often ignored, performed inconsistently, or the message itself gets diluted.

Scott Sports India had a host of similar challenges to address. Their prime dealerships (referred to as Scott Technology Centres and Bergamont i-Ride stores) all ran their very own flavour of marketing. In the case of those who took marketing seriously, there was no coherence in the message or visuals between the brand and the dealerships. And then, some dealerships had no clue how to get started.

Scott Sports India and Greek Alphabet Media partnered with the following objectives –

  • Get all the dealerships on the same page when it comes to what products/services to promote, what to say, and how to express it.
  • Get the communications out in a coherent manner, both on the visual and messaging front.
  • Instill the habit of putting out content for each of these dealerships.

The Results We Drove


Engagement Rate


Impressions Generated


Unique Users Reached

Note: All stats are organic in nature & didn’t involve use of paid advertising
Consideration Period: 3 Months

How We Did It – The Unified Communications Platform (UCP)

True to marketing DNA, we love our terms and codenames. The Unified Communications Platform was essentially a framework we created that worked to create consistency in terms of –

  • The content buckets & topics each dealership’s social handles would talk about.
  • The aesthetics to follow for the different brands they were carrying – Scott Sports, Bergamont, and Avanti.
  • Covering major events happening on dealership (local) & national level (ex: Ironman 70.3).
  • Procedures to generate leads for their business & create more opportunities.
  • Engage with regular customers, capitalize on UGC, and tap on cultural nuances

Did we tell you that these 10 dealerships were spread across 7 cities across 5 states?

This means the UCP accommodated different cultural & geographical nuances and individual dealership’s preferences. And yet, it ensured every dealership continued to communicate frequently on social media, while showcasing their individual identities.

Some Examples of the Kinds of Post We Did

We deployed a variety of content buckets including –

  • Product posts that directly talked about the showcased offering and its USPs
  • Add-ons and ancillary benefits of owning Scott cycles
  • Humourous content for select dealerships – to tap onto every day moments from cyclists’ lives
  • Guides for better cycling experiences
  • User-generated content

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