How We Doubled the Organic Traffic for Orchid Digitals & Improved B2B Conversions

Orchid Digitals

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An aesthetic, informative, and functional website and strong marketing are critical for all businesses. But, often both these things are neglected in favour of day-to-day operations and traditional marketing techiques. We had the privilege of experiencing something radically different with Orchid Digitals, Pune’s Progressive & Premier Printing Company.

The founder of Orchid Digitals, Mitesh, is an energetic & visionary leader, who understands the power of leveraging digital to raise awareness and generate revenue for their business. At the time when we first discussed this proposal, they had the following challenges –

  1. They wanted to organically rank on search engines for the products & services they provide (at the time of doing this project, the count of these products & services combined was ~70).
  2. Their products and services mostly contribute in the form of B2B sales. It was important to find out what were their prospects actually searching for, and ranking for that and more.
  3. Since their business attracted leads from all across India, explaining the products or solutions to the prospects over a phone call is next to impossible. So, they wanted to be able to create an experience for their prospects wherein every inbound lead could be quickly sent the details for them to be able to better visualize and understand the solution and commercial obligations involved.

Here’s what we did to address these challenges.

Phase 1: Creating Strong SEO & Content Foundation

Phase 2: Creating Relevant & Digestible Content Suited to the Target Audience

In marketing, even the prettiest designs and the most well-crafted content is worth very little if it’s not relevant to the target audience. As a team, Mitesh & we understood this problem and meticulously worked to create content under headers that Orchid’s audience viz. business owners, purchase managers, interior designers, admin officers, etc cared about. Basis this, our content for every single product/service page covered the following –

  • Salient features of the product
  • Photos of previously executed real-life print jobs
  • Applications – where all it can be used
  • Benefits – what are the tangible advantages of deploying that solution
  • Variants of that product – different sub-types which cater to specific problem statements
  • Pricing – what’s the commercial investment required, the most relevant question when making a business purchase
  • Value received against that investment – what problem did that spend solve for the business
  • Shipping policies, and more.

This information made every product/service page an efficient online sales person which enabled customers to understand what exactly they were buying into without even stepping into Orchid’s office, thereby building trust and streamlining the sales process.

The Results We Drove

  1. The Organic Search Traffic doubled after the implementation of our strategy, content, and SEO optimizations.
  2. Thanks to the higher sense of trust, conversions improved, lead-times decreased, and the sales process became more streamlined.
  3. More business started getting generated in both domestic & international markets.

Additionally, we’ve recently started consulting with Orchid Digitals for Social Media Marketing. For a non-glamourous category like printing services, social media can be a tough beat. And yet, the work for Orchid on platforms like Instagram & LinkedIn has helped them bag work from important corporates & institutions.

At Greek Alphabet Media, we’re backed by 4+ years of experience in branding & marketing for Mid-scale & small-scale businesses, with specialisation in telling better & more compelling stories for them. If you’re looking to launch a new brand or take your existing brand to the next level, get in touch.

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