We haven't Won any Awards (Yet).

But, the work we do Works!

Our clients & partners benefit from the work we do. That’s the proof of the impact our work drives.

We’re based in Pune (India), and help brands across the globe grow with work that’s based on local & cultural insights and how humans actually think & feel. 

Our team’s a mix-bag of strategists, analysts, pop-culture buffs, and creators.

what makes us different

The beliefs that make us who we are

We Take Ownership

We believe that we own the brands we work with. Therefore, our work is always in the brand’s interest.

We're Curious

We constantly ask questions & dig deeper to understand the categories we work in as well as the category leaders do.

We Hyperiterate

What has worked in the past is in the past. We constantly try to push the boundaries of what we do to make our work better.

We Experiment

Great insights are often discovered when you ask “What happens if I do this differently”. Quite often, the results are surprising.

We Love Insights

Our work is different because it’s based on insights into how humans actually think, feel, and respond to communications, not what satisfies our creative ego.

We Call a Spade a Spade

If what we do doesn’t work, we draw insights, admit we fell short, and get back to the drawing board. It’s both humbling & empowering and has helped us grow.

get to know us

People of GAM

Nikhil Sharma

Co-Founder & CEO. Leads Strategy & Innovation.

Priyansha Anand

Leads Creative

Raghav Upmanyu

Co-Founder & COO. Leads Client Success & Copy.

Anuja Bandal

Account Manager - Helps Brands Grow

Siddharth Parkhe

Account Manager - Helps Brands Grow

Bandita Bharadwaj

Graphic Designer
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