Moorius Farms – India’s Better Greek Yogurts

Meheraa Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd.

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The Indian market’s riddled with sweet, watered down, and artificial tasting desserts posing as yogurts. The team at Meheraa Dairy shared with us their vision for giving India the Greek Yogurt it deserved – semi-sweet, dense, and packed with goodness. True to how authentic Greek Yogurts are.

We were tasked with developing the brand & packaging for the same.

We first performed an in-depth analysis of the category, the audiences it caters to, their pain points, motivations, and challenges, and the very nature of the product.

Basis our findings, we concluded that the superior nature of the product we were building needs to stimulate the curiosity of the buyer, educate them about how we’re offering a sheer better experience, and be something they’d want to share with people they care about.

The name Moorius Farms was formed as a play on the Sound of Cows ‘Moo’ + Curiosity that drives consumers to try new a product like yogurt.

When your brand/product doesn’t have genuine product superiority to showcase, the tactic to divert attention to a lifestyle angle tends to work best.

However, with Moorius Farms, we had the sheer superiority of the product compared to almost all packaged yogurts available in the market. Therefore, we took the approach of being straightforward, blunt, and honest, even if it meant admitting that our yogurts weren’t the best, but significantly better than the rest available in the Indian market.

The product’s packaging, social media communications, and the website – all carried that same & consistent tune.

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