How We Helped Artisanal Coffee Brand Bombay Island Sell Better Through Their E-commerce Website

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The arrival of COVID-19 forced us all indoors for quite a few months. And in that, many artisanal coffees businesses boomed, since consumers still needed coffee, had more time at hand to experiment, and suddenly had a host of new things to try out. No wonder Dalgona Coffee, a jazzier version of our bachpann ki Phitti Hui Coffee became an overnight sensation.

But, this story isn’t about that. It’s about one of the finest Indian artisanal coffee roasters that opened up their doors to Indian coffee lovers during this time of crisis – Bombay Island Coffee Company.

We’ve been working with Bombay Island Coffee Company for more than 3 years for their entire marketing mandate. An integral part of the brand’s strategy is the website, maintained by us and hosted through Shopify, our recommended platform for D2C & ecommerce brands, like our very own Trelish & 3Sisters Non-alcoholic Beers.

Our mandate and approach for Bombay Island’s website has always been to follow the brand’s tenets of –

  1. Giving meaningful and insightful content that helps upgrade coffee experiences of consumers
  2. Extend the brand’s identity of being calm, comfortable, minimalistic, and reliable.
  3. Implementation of useful features & functionalities such as Subscriptions to improve day-to-day experiences of our loyal customers.
  4. Growing Bombay Island’s consumer base & revenue, done through a mix of marketing automation strategies and tools.

As a result, our work on Bombay Island’s website has encompassed some interesting set of activities, such as –

Content Strategy & CRO for Product Pages

Coffee, especially artisanal in nature, is a highly competitive category. If you were to search for a popular dark-roast coffee called ‘Vienna Roast’ right now, you’d find hundreds of brands competing with their own take on this popular style. This made it imperative for us to optimize the content on each product page to be informative (and therefore make a more compelling case in front of the customer) and be discoverable for relevant Google searches.

Content Planning for Physical Store Locations

Making physical stores discoverable is critical for businesses that have both online sales channels and traditional brick-and-mortar presence. For Bombay Island Coffee Company, it’s been incredibly important for us to let people know clearly their store locations, what to expect at each store, the menu & offerings, and more.

For the same, we planned the content and media in a way that customers could explore and read about their locations, order online through third-party platforms, and get to know the nuances attached to each store viz. Flagship Store in Vikhroli, Outlet in Jio World Drive Mall, and more.

Implementing Subscriptions

For commodities involving periodic and predictable consumption, Subscriptons are a god-send. Unfortunately, owing to many regulations and restrictions in India, none of the international subscriptions apps actually work properly. As a Shopify Website Development Agency specializing in FMCG & D2C, our preferred partner for making Subscriptions possible in India is Recurpay. With the help of their phenomenal support and detailed API documentation, our development team created a convenient Subscriptions interface for consumers, allowing them to choose which product they want, how frequently, and what were they saving upon placing that order.

At Greek Alphabet Media, we’re backed by 4+ years of experience in branding & marketing for FMCG & D2C brands, with specialisation in coffee & beverages. If you’re looking to launch a new brand or take your existing brand to the next level, get in touch.

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