Driving 8.18% Additional Revenue in Ecommerce by Spending ₹0 – for Bombay Island Coffee

Bombay Island Coffee Company

Ecommerce Strategy, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing


One of the first things e-commerce / D2C brands are advised to do is to aggressively run ads on platforms like Meta, Google Search, etc. However, with an avg. of 76% visitors * dropping off (and not buying) after visiting your website, how do you actually make money in e-commerce?

Bombay Island Coffee Company, one of India’s dearest artisanal coffee brands, was in the same stream. With massive competitors like Blue Tokai, KC Roasters, Third Wave, etc on the block, simply competing on whose ads are better wouldn’t work.

While running ads for Bombay Island, we helped them increase the revenue by

  • Deploying Marketing Automation to plug lead loss (by minimizing drop-offs) & gaining more subscribers
  • Use Email Marketing to
    • Convert subscribers to customers (easier to do vs. trying to convert a visitor into a customer)
    • Grow LTV in the existing customer base

The Results We Drove


Additional revenue generated in the form of first purchases & repeat purchases.


Conversion percentage achieved through email marketing.

* Avg. conversion rate for e-commerce websites is 2.4%.

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