Spend More Time Enjoying, and Less in Mixing Drinks – Aruba Cocktail Mixers& Mocktails

Aruba Mocktails & Cocktail Mixers

Brand development, product positioning, and packaging design


Team In-Charge
Brand Conceptualisation: Nimish Solanki (Adhar Beverages), Nikhil Sharma & Raghav Upmanyu (Greek Alphabet Media)

Creative Direction: Nikhil Sharma, Priyansha Anand

Graphic Design: Nikhil Sharma, Priyansha Anand

As someone who spent the first few years drinking Rum & Coke, I agree that it gets very boring very soon. Not to forget – extra sweet. When trying to make memories with your friends, following the instructions on a 1000-word recipe may take the fun out of things.

When the folks behind India’s leading non-alcoholic beer 3Sisters roped us in to develop their new Cocktail Mixers & Mocktails, we chose to draw inspiration from the party cultures to bring the brand to life.

The name ‘Aruba’ was inspired by the Caribbean island Aruba and the heavenly vibe it gives off. Clear blue waters, golden sun rays, and people who are high on life. It’s a happy place to be at.

Similarly, Aruba Mixers take you to your happy place, wherever it is. And it will make sure you get to enjoy amazing drinks without having to wander in the Amazonian Rainforests or High Himalayas for exotic ingredients or the need for a bartending degree.

The final outcome ticked all the relevant boxes a product slated for Retail must tick –

  • Strong Visual Appeal – increases chances of a customer picking it against the competitors from a busy shelf.
  • Clear & Bold Information – The last thing your packaging should do is make the customer put in too many efforts to understand it. Aruba wore all the information quite literally on its sleeve.
  • Mix of Interesting Flavours – 2 classic mixers (Tonic Water & Ginger Ale) and 3 experimental ones (Blueberry Lemonade, Cosmopolitan, and Mojito)

Today, Aruba is present in major modern trade chains like Reliance Freshpik, Signature Stores, and retail stores across India. And, it’s also available online through their website (no points for guessing who designed it). 😀

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