Reviving the Classical Indian Drinks – 3Sisters Indie-Soda

3Sisters (Owned by Adhar Beverages Pvt. Ltd)

Brand development, product positioning, and packaging design


Team In-Charge
Brand Conceptualisation: Nimish Solanki (Adhar Beverages)

Creative Direction: Priyansha Anand, Raghav Upmanyu

Graphic Design: Priyansha Anand

The market today is overrun with varieties of colas, orange sodas, and premium mixers (very much like our favourite Aruba Mixers, for which we designed the packaging). However, sometimes, your need for refreshment needs something old… something familiar.

That’s When Old Becomes the New New

When the 3Sisters team decided to revive the love for Indian soda flavours and open it to the world, we collaborated to bring yet another product to life.

The job at hand was to create a rustic design for something traditionally sold by gola & chuski waley bhaiyas & made by enterprising Indian mothers, now being brewed with premium ingredients for global consumption.

The Indie-Soda comes in 2 nostalgic flavours – Jeera Masala & Kala Khatta. The identity of the Classic Indie Soda leans on patterns & illustrations of classic characters taken from across the ages, from Postman Chacha & Adarsh Balika to the mirthful duo of the Raja-Rani. It’s a true time machine for anyone born before the 21st century and transports you back to the bylanes of your old town, or the farms in which childhood memories were formed.

And of course, in a functional sense, the design ticks the boxes that products slated for Retail must contend with –

  • Strong Visual Appeal – increases chances of a customer picking it against the competitors from a busy shelf.
  • Clear & Bold Information – The last thing your packaging should do is make the customer put in too much effort to understand it. 3Sisters Classic Indie-Soda wears all the information quite literally on its sleeve.
  • Nostalgic Indian Flavours – Jeera Masala & Kala Khatta

The Classic Indie-Soda is present in major modern trade chains like Reliance Freshpik, Signature Stores, and retail stores across India. And, it’s also available online through their website. Try it today and be transported back in time. 🙂

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